Horse Sponsors

Horse Sponsors

Our horses are vital to the provision of our services to the community.

Without them we would be unable to make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities.

Horse Sponsors

The financial support we receive from our horse sponsors provides our herd of horses with essential care items such as;
Hay, Feed and Supplements
Farrier and Dental Care
Vaccines and routine Vet Care
Medication, Acupuncture and Massage






APRDA has 20 plus horses and we pride ourselves on the care and attention given to all our amazing horses.

APRDA’s Horse Sponsors are a collective mix of individuals, families, community groups, clubs, organisations and businesses, each contributing $1000 per year per horse. The average cost of maintaining the health and wellbeing of an APRDA horse per year is in excess of $4000, therefore our horses often have more than one sponsor.

APRDA Horse Sponsors are recognised for their contribution by;
Horse Sponsor Board Plaque
Letter and Horse Sponsor Certificate
Website and Social media Recognition, Meet and Greet  Photo with your Horse



We rely greatly on the support of our horse sponsors to help us improve the quality of life of our horses and the people they support.

Our Horse Sponsorship Program hopes to gain support from companies, local businesses, clubs, schools, organisations, groups, families and individuals.

Our Current Horse Sponsors

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