About Arundel Park Riding for Disabled Inc

Arundel Park Riding for Disabled Inc (APRDA) is a Not for Profit Charity Organisation founded in 1981 with the focus to provide a horse riding experience for children and adults with a disability.

For 32 years people have volunteered their time to make this service happen. We have been in our current location at Coombabah since 1985, a slice of country tranquillity in a centrally located area of the Gold Coast with easy access to public transport. Our herd of horses all have important roles and teach life lessons to so many.

Groups of riders from schools, residential care, and individual riders with and without a disability ride from Monday to Saturday. We currently have 90 rider members who attend weekly along with their carer’s or parent/s, friends and other family members.

The Staff and Committee members in the past to our present members have strived to make this unique environment accessible to everyone.

APRDA has received support from Government and non-government organisations along with Clubs, Sponsors, Horse Sponsors, Businesses, Suppliers and Donors.

APRDA would like to thank all those that have been part of its history and those looking towards our future.

Our Mission: We will enable all riders, non-riders and support personnel to achieve personal, physical and intellectual goals through a range of related activities in our equestrian environment.

Who we help

Our members range in age from two years to sixty plus with the majority identified as having a disability, many come to APRDA with a parent, carer, school group, residential living or through other care organisations.

The support needs of our riders can range from very high, requiring a horse leader and two side walkers or in a one on one program to an Independent rider in an integrated program. We provide a range of group lessons to support the rider’s ability to achieve goals in an equestrian sport and strive towards their own independence.

RDA rider and non-rider participants undergo an initial assessment with our coaches and their primary physician prior to entering any programs. The assessment is in consultation with parents and carers to support the development of an Individual Learning Plan to ensure goal orientated learning.


Arundel Park offers a variety of programs to allow each rider the opportunity to grow and develop to the best of their ability. The benefits of this programs are:

 Physical Fitness: Improve your overall fitness by developing core strength, balance, postural control and coordination to fulfil daily life.

Therapeutic Value: Increase mobility and improved neuromotor function while having fun and interacting with horses.

 Emotional Wellbeing: Companionship with horses regulating emotions and increases self-esteem and concentration through achievements and enjoyment.

Social Acceptance: Enhance your identity and confidence through reciprocal communication with peers, staff and volunteers.

Respect: Learn to follow directions and make choices to achieve your goals.

 Equestrian Skills: Develop horsemanship both mounted and unmounted