ASDAN = Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network

ASDAN’s vision: “We recognise that young people are multi-talented, and we celebrate that diversity seeking to: engage, motivate and reward learners, make learning relevant and transferable, support a range of learning approaches and contexts, promote active learning and learning to learn, ASDAN strives to transform the abilities and achievements of all learners.”

ASDAN, a UK-based education charity, helps prepare participants for adulthood by developing teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and researching. This is an integrated program for at-risk learners and participants with special or diverse needs. Using a horse themed approach to learning is a great way to motivate many young people who are struggling in a classsroom setting. Arundel Park will be offering a number of programs many of which build over time into employability skills. ASDAN program runs on a School term basis with all riders required to complete the following necessary forms:

  • Application for Membership ASDAN participant
  • APRDA Medical Consent Form (Section C of this form is to be completed by the riders regular GP)
    • This is required if the participant will be riding as part of the course delivery

Once these forms are completed and returned to our office, the ASDAN team will contact you to discuss suitability and session times.


ASDAN programs for NDIS funded participants 2019

APRDA will be offering the following programs in 2019 for participants who have NDIS funding


This “Towards independence” program focuses on 4 units which can help develop your employability skills such as reliability, punctuality, working in a team and completing tasks to a standard set by the workplace.

Units cover:

  • Health and safety at work
  • Responsibilities in the workplace
  • Working with others
  • You at work

This program will be delivered over two terms and is a 2-hour weekly session with an ASDAN tutor and is ground-based (non-riding).

Cost of attending is $60 per session which includes workbook costs, assessment, moderation, and certification.

Animal Care or Volunteering Short Courses

These short courses are multi-level and allow participants to develop a range of skills including problem-solving, IT, literacy, numeracy, team working along with exploring animal care or the world of volunteering. The courses accommodate participants who are new to horses along with those who have knowledge and experience of horses.

The programs will be available each term and are 2 hour weekly session with an ASDAN tutor and are ground based (non riding).

The cost of attending is $60 per session which covers your workbook costs, assessment, moderation and certificate of achievement.

Availability is subject to minimum group numbers. Participants with high needs may require additional support to attend which may impact on costs of delivery.

Can I get funding from NDIS? 

APRDA are working hard to deliver services and supports that participants need to have a fulfilling and independent life. Our ASDAN programs help to deliver life skills and we will be encouraging participants to seek support from NDIS for our ASDAN programs.

Courses Offered

  • Preparing for Adulthood
    • Caters to special needs participants
  • Short Courses
    • Specialising in volunteering, leadership, and animal care
  • Employability Skills Development
    • Specialising in developing skills in areas associated with employment
    • Specialising in problem-solving, team working, business and enterprise

APRDA can also partner with schools delivering the Personal Development Programs and assist in the delivery of short courses. The Silver and Gold awards can credit towards the QCE.

ADSAN Sessions

What happens in these sessions? 

Coaches will facilitate learners to build a portfolio of evidence and the knowledge and understanding required to meet each ASDAN program. This will take place both indoors and outside, focusing on experiential and collaborative learning. Sessions will take place in small groups.

The sessions will run weekly for 2 hours, during QLD School terms. Sessions generally take one or two terms to complete a module.

Further Questions?

Contact Hilary Stubbs / Sam Gray

Telephone: 55940305


387 Brisbane Road, Coombabah